Happy August everyone ! We’ve already given you tips on Rakhi and where to go shop for your siblings in our previous post. Today we tackle the next step.


After buying the perfect gift, you don’t really want to lose the impact with the wrong first impression. So if you’re thinking of giving in some dowdy, crushed paper or even worse, unwrapped in a paper/polybag – Please don’t !

We can understand the gift has already lightened your wallet quite a bit, so we have got you some trendy options for giftwrapping which are practically of no cost to you. All you have to spare is some time, to sit and execute these. And trust me, it’s all worth it at the end of the day, when you see your sibling’s lit faces for such a beautiful gift wrapped.

Here are the Best of DIY GiftWraps :



Pick up the beautiful twigs, leaves and trinkets in your backyard, parks and streetside and create a beautiful bouquet of nature to accompany your gift. Find more details about how to do this at :



Something we’ve done in our childhoods so many times, remember cutting out those multiple dolls ? Kirigami is a Japanese art of creating figures through clever cuts. Well, use your scissor skills and create a beautiful abstract or a 3D pattern to place over plain chartpaper or wrap. Find out more about kirigami at :



Cut out 3D objects from chartpaper and place them randomly on a different color. Easy, cheap and a fun way to entertain the little kids at home – make it into a project for them. Just make sure to use bright colors and contrast the base paper and object paper. Also, try and think of things which symbolize the occasion – so for Rakhi, you can do diya’s or flowers.

Find the source here :



Felt is one of my personal favorites. We’ve already shown you SJC Designs with their unique Felt Rakhi’s, and it’s as perfect for wrapping too. Just cut out any shape you want to, since felt doesn’t fray at all you can treat it just like colorful but thick paper ! Find out about the box at :



Raid your sewing box – Find that lace leftover from the dress, or the sequins left from the party décor and use it to jazz up your gift. Create bows, and make sure to wrap thing strings multiple times over to make it look covered and unique. View tutorials at : and



Use crayons, paints and your hands with some sponge to create a spattered gift paper and add a flower on the top to create a masterpiece ! Find the tutorial at :



How about creating your own upcycled giftpaper from scratch ? Just bring out the stack of old newspapers with a block and some paint. Create a spectacular giftwrap by using bright colors on black and white newspaper. I can vouch for this one. It always always looks good !


Or create 3D art with newspaper. Check the tutorial at :

Now that we’ve solved your Gift-wrapping problems, here’s an evil afterthought. What if your wrapping is so pretty that it overshadows the actual gift !? Haha ! Be careful.